MyMat: 3DP Functional Filaments
Who We Are & What We Do

MyMat Solutions is a company whose main goal is the supply of functional filaments for 3D printing. The different FDM technologies and machines appearing in this segment require new and advanced materials that permit fulfill customers application and  product oriented needs. MyMat is part of Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, the biggest cooperative group all around the world with more than 70.000 people workforce in many activity sectors.

Our team is competent to carry out the key activities that give sense to our business: 

  1. Material formulation 
  2. Compound manufacturing
  3. Filament manufacturing 
  4. Marketing and sales

Our Mission: design, manufacture and sell professional specialty filaments for FDM 3D Printer users.

Our Vision: elevate MyMat products as a standard in higher requirement applications and to serve the market with new products that fulfill the high level application needs of the 3D Printing users.

Our Values:




We know you want to make big things, so the materials have to be at your height. We are developing solutions to make you break the limits day by day.

We develop and manufacture our materials with the highest precision technologies. Serious applications need serious products, and our quality protocols guarantee that.

Take it serious to make it easy and it will be real and feasible. Our products are made to fix problems and create solutions with almost all the FDM machines in the market.