MyMat: 3DP Functional Filaments


In this section you will find all the information about our products. Its printing conditions, their mechanical and thermal resistance information and any technical detail related with the products. 

MyMat HiPro_PLA

HDT-B 140ºC Heat Resistance PLA with ABS properties. This revolutionary PLA's main advantage is that you get all PLA benefits (no warping, no cracking, no smell, high print rate...) with high properties directly from the print, thus you will avoid other commercial filaments annealing requirement. You just need to print it with a 100ºC hot bed temperature. 330g spool. White color.

MyMat Foodie

The food grade flexible filament for professional and amusement applications made by materials that meets with FDA, GMP and European directives. You will be able to use it at home dishwashers, fridge, freezer, boiling and oven up to 130ºC. It stands perfectly autoclave sterilization process. Perfect for food industry, hostelry and foodies. 330g spool. Yellow color.

MyMat C4U

C4U: Care for you. Made by materials that meet FDA and it's the safety grade filament for kids and human wellness applications. You will be able to boil it to sterilize it, and it fits  required regulatory standards. The perfect match for rattle, biters, toys, educational products... 330g spool. Blue color. 

MyMat Kimi

The chemical resistance flexible filament for professional applications. Automotive sector standards compliance suitable to use in contact with sweat, alkaline solutions (caustic soda, calcium hydroxide...), basic solutions (urea, ammonium...), antifreeze liquids and alcohols (methanol, ethanol, iso-propanol...). 330g spool. Green color.

MyMat Ultra Nylon

This Carbon Fiber reinforced product's main application field is related with high mechanical requirement applications, superior temperature resistance applications and black coloured aesthetics. MyMat Ultra Nylon covers the flexibility of Nylon with a very good impact resistance and higher modulus.

MyMat Soft Nylon

The Soft Nylon applications cover a superior wear resistance, a silky appearance and a great flexibility in comparison with the rest of the plastics materials used in FDM.